Favorable climatic conditions for agriculture
● More than 50% of population lives in rural areas and traditionally is oriented towards agriculture
● Incentives on local and entity level for agriculture producers
● Agricultural policy redefined in rural development policy – rural economy
● Well known companies from food processing sector:
– Kraš d.d. (Mira Joint Stock Prijedor) – The largest manufacturer of confectionery products in the South-Eastern Europe – production of biscuits and wafers
– Prijedorcanka AD – Production of high quality fruit distillates and brandy, concentrated juices from fruits and vegetables, aseptic puree, frozen and dried fruits, vegetables and berries
● Developed local base of breeders and farmers
● The biggest investment in agricultural sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Breeding and selection center for NRF “Arifagic Investment” Ltd.

Investment Opportunities

● Ability to utilize existing agricultural land and agricultural primary producers in order to create a local base of suppliers and possibility for establishing of value chains in the food industry
● Possibility for production of raw materials and reducing of the transportation costs of finished products to the markets of the northwestern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and some parts of Europe
● Investment in existing breeding farms and other production capacities (joint venture, partnership, buying or rent)
● Investment in greenfield or brownfield location (construction of facilities for processing of agricultural products) – expansion of production and processing capacities
● The existing local association of fruit producers as great potential for different initiatives in agriculture

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“Don’t sit down and wait for the opportunities to come. Get up and make them.”

– C.J. Walker –