Excellent geographical position of the Prijedor Municipality, road and railway infrastructure creates opportunities for its further development. Two main roads that pass through the territory of the Municipality and intersect in city area have a significant role in terms of transport, link Prijedor with other municipalities, regions and countries. The main road M4 Banja Luka – Prijedor – Novi Grad and the main road M15 Kozarska Dubica – Prijedor – Sanski Most  are backbone of the transport network of the Prijedor Municipality at the moment. 

The highway Belgrade – Zagreb is located 58 km from the city center at the north-northeast, entrance to highway is in Novska (Croatia-EU) through the border crossing Gradina (BiH) – Jasenovac (CRO). A newly built section of the highway Banja Luka – Gradiska is 45 km away from Prijedor. This highway opens up better communication and transport connection to the eastern part of RS and BiH, and an alternative route through the border crossing Gradiska (BiH) – Nova Gradiska (CRO). 

The railway network functions throughout the Prijedor Municipality. Prijedor is connected to other cities, states by international trains to transport passengers and goods. International railway line Zagreb-Sarajevo, Prijedor-Ploce, link Prijedor Municipality with other European centers. 

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